Members of PRSA’s North Pacific District are as diverse as the states they represent — Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming — but they have something in common: a drive to be better connected and more effective communicators. That is why the North Pacific District exists, to assist members in achieving their professional goals.

The North Pacific District plays an important role in supporting the 15 chapters in nine western states and the National board. Chapter presidents and their board members are responsible for their own membership recruitment, professional development, programming, and conferences. In addition, they also support many Public Relations Student Society of America PRSSA chapters. It is a volunteer effort that requires constant leadership development and oversight, and PRSA districts were created to assist chapters in fulfilling their responsibilities.

North Pacific District Leaders are responsible for:

  • Assisting PRSA National leaders in disseminating information and organizing national events and programs.
  • Developing leaders who can serve on the National Board. (Most national board members served on their chapter and district boards before ascending to national leadership positions.)
  • Helping District members tap into PRSA resources.
  • Consulting with and supporting Chapter presidents.
  • Encouraging and facilitating the accreditation (APR) process.
  • Encouraging chapter leaders to reach out PRSSA chapters, welcoming students and helping them participate in chapter events.
  • Maintaining the District website
  • Providing a delegate to the National Nominating Committee each August.

The District is about:

  • Developing leadership
  • Sharing knowledge and information
  • Providing network opportunities

2017 NPD Objectives

  1. Survey Chapter leadership to assess needs and educational programming interest.
  2. Provide Chapters leadership development segments during the monthly district call focusing on board development and PRSA relations.
  3. Reinstate the Montana Chapter; provide support as needed.
  4. Create committee structure to increase chapter engagement in the district.
  5. Implement needed structure to the District with budget, financial review, bylaw updates.
  6. Develop criteria for Chapter financial support by year’s end.
  7. Add $2-$3k to the District’s bank account balance by year’s end.
  8. Create a business plan for the biannual district conference.
  9. Secure date, venue and keynote speakers for 2018 district conference.