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Announcing the North Pacific District 2016 conference exploratory committee

During January’s district leadership call we discussed the possibility of putting together a district conference. The last district conference was in 2006, and the consensus is that 2016 (a whole decade later) is the year to reboot our district conference.

We believe the 2016 district conference will help deliver value in networking and professional development that some district members may not otherwise be able to receive and benefit from due to the time and fiscal resources required to attend PRSA’s International Conference.

We’re looking at holding the conference sometime during the summer of 2016 on a date and location that makes sense given other district and national public relations conferences.

Our chair-elect, Pete Codella, APR, is developing a district conference overview and operational guide. A few district leaders on last month’s call have agreed to help spearhead the effort.

If you’re interested in joining Pete and the 2016 district conference committee, please contact us. Any member of PRSA in the North Pacific District is welcome to join us.

We’re also looking for a host chapter and location. So if you have ideas in that regard, please let us know.

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