Break Through the Noise: The New Science of Being Heard

Elizabeth Edwards, Founder and President, Volume PR

10:15 am, Monday, April 23

Consumers see more marketing messages every day. How do you ensure yours is remembered? At the 2017 PRSA ICON, Elizabeth Edwards introduced how communicators can use neuroscience & behavioral science findings to increase positive PR outcomes and received rave reviews. But, that was just the beginning. Elizabeth will build off these presentations with new ways that PR professionals can use strategies & tactics based on behavioral laws that can be implemented immediately. Elizabeth will provide case studies, interactive examples, and insights to inspire participants to think in a new way, use new tactics, and increase success.  By the end of this session, you’ll earn five new communication tools you can use to immediately increase your PR media outcomes,  and learn new Rules of Engagement, building off the past PRSA presentations, to better increase your chances of breaking through the 50,000 marketing messages a day that you have to compete with to get your consumer’s attention with the help of neuroscience research and behavioral laws.  You’ll also learn the difference between the thinking brain and the breathing brain, and how to engage your audience’s brains in a way that they will remember your message and be more motivated to act.

Recommended social handles, hashtags: @PR_Virtuoso, @VolumePR, @PRSA_NPD, #PRSAGameChangers


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