Changing the Game – Leading a Brand Evolution

T-Mobile’s dynamic Executive VP of Communications and Community Engagement Janice Kapner leads a candid discussion on how Communications and PR can lead the way to evolve a brand by changing the game, punching well above your weight class, and ultimately increasing the voice of your company in this incredibly fast-paced and loud news environment. Whether you leverage executives’ personalities, dominate social platforms in your industry or just practice incredibly effective PR to drive your news agenda, Communications is no longer really a ‘service’ but truly a key lever in the marketing mix.

Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference

Creating Your Own Story

As we all look to the future to stay ahead of the pace of change, how will you shape the path ahead for your own life and career? What do you want your future to hold, and what changes do you need to make to get there?

Senior VP & Chief Communications Officer Oliver Roll delivers our welcoming keynote address and will take you a on a storytelling journey to help you find your soul work, live for yourself, focus on what matters most and maybe even work a little bit less in the process.

Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference

The State of Trust and the New Expectations of Communicators

The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer – an annual trust and credibility survey – revealed that trust in the U.S. has suffered the largest-ever-recorded drop in the survey’s history among the general population and, for the first time ever, media is the least trusted institution globally.

In a world where media confusion is causing a churn of trust, voices of authority are now regaining credibility. With 72% of employees saying that they trust their own company, employers are the new “safehouse” for employees.

Kristine Boyden, President of Edelman’s US Western Region will help you learn how businesses can lead on societal issues, navigate the landscape and be an agent of change.

Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference

New, Fast and Changing by the Hour; How the Gaming Industry Will Shape PR of the Future

Always in constant change, the industries of video games, virtual reality and emerging entertainment are defining how consumers receive and experience content, communicators deliver it and media cover it. These companies and platforms are not just cutting-edge but rather defining what that edge is. The campaigns of today will be drastically shaped by these innovations; will you be ready for the campaigns of tomorrow?

Gaming and tech expert Perrin Kaplan shares the insights, challenges, controversies and successes related to the many modern platforms in this fast-paced segment of communications–and how you can apply them to your industry of expertise.

Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference

Taking Cannabis from Punchline to Primetime

Cannabis is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, employing thousands of people and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue. But because of conflicting state, federal and international laws, decades of social stigma, and outdated stoner stereotypes, it still faces reputation challenges in many mainstream circles.

Zack Hutson will lead a conversation about how Seattle-based Privateer Holdings, the world’s first private equity firm to invest exclusively in legal cannabis, has raised more than $200 million to change the conversation about cannabis by building mainstream global brands such as Leafly, Tilray, The Goodship and Marley Natural.

Learning outcomes that Zack will share –

  • An overview of the rapid transformation of the multi-billion dollar global cannabis industry
  • How mainstream, professional brands are changing perceptions and shaping the future of legal cannabis
  • How to build trust and authenticity in the midst of a constantly changing regulatory and political landscape

Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference

Know Your Brand

You know your company’s brand, but can you communicate your brand in five words or less? Creating a personal brand that stands out to the right audience is your key to success. What do your clients, associates, teams or peers say about you?

“If we don’t manage our personal brand as diligently as these companies manage their company brand, people will assign a default brand to us. And this may not serve us well.”, says Bruna Martinuzzi, author of “How to Build an Unforgettable Personal Brand.” Now more than ever, your professional network can be leveraged to fulfill your career vision, create strategic relationships, demonstrate thought leadership, and build deeper connections with customers and colleagues.

Senior Director of Corporate Communications for LinkedIn Nicole Leverich shares how LinkedIn as a game changing platform will further shape highly targeted business communications and message delivery to help you build your personal brand and strengthen your communication strategies for your company.

Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference

Navigating Social and Political Upheaval in Uncertain Times

The Age of Trump and identity politics. Woke America v Great America. Mistake theorists v conflict theorists. Excessive partisanship. Caustic discourse. A dysfunctional Washington. How do we as communicators stay ahead of the curve in today’s political turmoil and adversarial climate?

Few can match the career experiences of Scott McClellan, Senior Vice President of Communications for Seattle University and author of a New York Times bestseller about the Bush Administration, What Happened. The former press secretary draws on his White House experience to offer his advice and insights.

Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference

Headwinds, Tailwinds and Crosswinds: A flight plan for leading in a turbulent world

We live in a turbulent world. Political discourse is more polarizing than ever. Our confidence in government, business and leaders is eroding. And the surge in fake news, troll farms and social media follower factories is causing us to question everything that crosses our screen.

Drawing on his 25 years of corporate communications experience working with some of the world’s best-known brands and agencies – including United Airlines, Starbucks, US Airways, Nissan and Waggener Edstrom, Jim Olson will share a flight plan for helping you and the organizations that you lead not only survive but thrive in these uncertain times.

He’ll take us on an informative, inspiring and enlightening journey that illuminates the stories, best practices and frameworks for charting your own leadership agenda — while demonstrating the increasingly critical role that analytics plays in bridging the divide between corporate reputation and business impact.

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Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference

D&I is Reinventing Marketing & Communications: Now, it’s Personal


HP has made Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) issues a bottom-line initiative which, according to the Holmes Report, “stunned the industry.” Antonio Lucio, HP’s CMO, directed the company’s marketing agencies to take steps to improve diversity and awarded contracts based on their performance.

What has HP accomplished to make a difference where other companies have only paid lip-service to the importance of D&I initiatives? How are these efforts reinventing marketing and communications both internally and externally? How are the communications teams’ philosophies and core beliefs driving this ground- breaking agenda? What are the steps you can take in your organization to drive D&I as a bottom-line initiative and create a culture of “yes” at the same time.

HP’s Head of Print Communications Vanessa Yanez shares HP’s game changing approach, with moderator Danny Chung, Chief of Staff of Microsoft’s Military Affairs.

Recommended social handles, hashtags: #Diversity, #Inclusion, @vanessa_yanez_, @JarheadPAO, @HP, @Microsoft

Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference

Find the Way by Finding Your Words

No one wants to talk about mental health, yet it is as important to our well-being as physical health. Meanwhile, one in five of us are personally affected, either managing their own mental health issue or supporting someone they love. How do you inspire people to start a conversation they don’t want to have? Kaiser Permanente is changing the narrative with its breakthrough multi-channel campaign, “Find Your Words,” and partnerships with the NBA and Golden State Warriors Star Stephen Curry.

Carmella Gutierrez and Mary Mix of Kaiser Permanente share how authentic storytelling, expert voices, breaking old barriers – even conducting a national poll – have successfully tied it all together across PR, social and digital.

Learning agenda:

  • How taking risks can help breakthrough with media in a crowded space
  • How the impact of in-language (in our case Spanish) can drive media interest
  • How to leverage multiple channels and stories to create a campaign with depth
  • National is one thing, local is another

Recommended social handles, hashtags:  #findyourwords @kpthrive, @carmellag, @PRSA_NPD, #PRSAGameChangers


Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference