District PR Practitioner of the Year finalists

PRSA North Pacific District PR Practitioner of the Year

Congratulations to the nominees for the 2016 PRSA North Pacific District PR Practitioner of the Year Award:

Meadow Bailey, APR | Alaska Chapter
Tracie Barnthouse | Sierra Nevada Chapter
Michelle Hege, APR | Greater Spokane Chapter
Cindy Sharpe, APR | Puget Sound Chapter
Jill Wagner, APR | Central California Chapter

The 2016 award recipient will be announced Saturday at lunchtime prior to the conclusion of the PRSA North Pacific District Conference (see the conference schedule here).

Nominations for PRSA North Pacific District PR Practitioner of the Year

PRSA North Pacific District PR Practitioner of the Year

Please consider nominating a colleague or yourself for the inaugural PRSA North Pacific District PR Practitioner of the Year Award.

PRSA North Pacific District Public Relations Practitioner of the Year

This award will be given annually to a PRSA member in the North Pacific District who has worked full-time in public relations for more than five years and demonstrated excellence in his/her public relations knowledge, skills and abilities.

We look forward to honoring those who have excelled professionally and given back to the industry through volunteer contributions to PRSA.

Please click on the link below to submit your nomination. Please note that you need to use a browser other than Internet Explorer and you will also need to include an additional reference letter from another PRSA member to complete your nomination.

[button link=”https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1I55InqLIuvKVUoJiJwBCtAeZ-gJHp960RaI_WgVzYIw/viewform”]Nomination Form[/button]

Entries will be judged by leaders in other PRSA Districts, and the award will be given at the luncheon on the last day of our North Pacific District conference in June in Reno, NV (learn more about the conference here). The winner will receive a physical award and also be featured on the PRSA North Pacific District website. A news release will be distributed, and the winner will be publicized via district and chapter social media networks.

Nomination deadline is May 1, 2016.

2016 Leadership Rally

PRSA 2016 International Conference

In a survey PRSA conducted this past December, chapter leaders were asked about their preferred time to hold PRSA’s annual Leadership Rally.

It has traditionally been held in June in New York City.

70% of survey respondents requested that Leadership Rally be moved to the same weekend as PRSA’s International Conference.

As a result, in 2016, Leadership Rally will be held Oct. 21-22, 2016 in Indianapolis at the beginning of the 2016 International Conference.

Leaders in 2016, as well as those slated to serve in 2017, are encouraged to reserve those dates on their calendars and plan to participate with the associations leaders in Indianapolis this fall.

2016 North Pacific District Board


Happy New Year members of the PRSA North Pacific District!

The 2016 district leaders approved at the membership meeting held in Atlanta during the PRSA International Conference in November 2015 are as follows:

Pete Codella, APR – Chair
Alison Gaulden, APR – Chair-Elect
Mar Junge – Treasurer
Taraneh Fultz, APR – Secretary
Betsy Hays, APR, Fellow PRSA – Immediate Past Chair
Tia Troy – Montana and Wyoming Liaison

Scott Trotter, APR – National Nominating Committee Rep
Betsy Hays, APR, Fellow PRSA – National Nominating Committee Alternate
John Mitchell, APR, Fellow PRSA – National Nominating Committee Alternate

Ronele Dotson, APR – National Board Liaison

Learn more about your district leaders here.

2016 District Conference save-the-date flier

Reboot and Retool in Reno

We’re pleased to have this save-the-date flier for the June 2016 PRSA North Pacific District Conference. It was donated – design and printing – by our friends in the communications department at Brigham Young University in the Utah Valley PRSA Chapter. Thanks guys!

Chapters, feel free to use this PDF to promote the conference. And as always, check out the conference schedule as it’s confirmed, register for the conference and book your hotel right here. We hope you’ll join us for networking and excellent professional development in Reno.

2016 #PRSANPDconf flier

2016 District Conference call for presentations

Reboot and Retool in Reno

If you’ve got something to share with your public relations peers, the June 2016 PRSA North Pacific District Conference (#PRSAreboot) may be the place to do it.

Speakers will be selected from district membership and beyond.

Topics include all aspects of public relations and corporate communications.

To submit your presentation idea, please complete this online form.

Any comments or questions – or recommendations on potential speakers – please contact us.

A potential change to collecting district dues

dues collection

To all our amazing North Pacific District PRSA chapters and members:

At this year’s leadership rally in New York City there was a lengthy discussion among district leaders about ways to improve the district dues collection process.

As you know, right now, after the first of the year, districts begin asking chapters to pay dues to the district based on the number of members they have in their chapter. This is a one-time annual and manual dues collection process.

As a result of leadership rally and follow-up district discussions, the district council has asked each district to go back to its chapters to get feedback on a proposed change to the district dues collection process.

Since this change impacts chapter and district financials, creating a new automated process for collecting and paying district dues – just like chapter dues are collected – we’re reaching out publicly for you to chime-in and let us know your thoughts.

Feel free to comment on this post or respond to us using the contact form, or email or call a member of the district board. We’d love to hear from you.

If you’re unaware of what our current district dues are, they’re outlined on the bottom of this webpage.

The district council plans to vote on this new dues collection process during its Sept. 15, 2015 teleconference meeting. Based on that vote, the proposed process will (or will not) be sent to the national board for its consideration.

Proposed District Dues Collection Process

District Dues will be collected on a monthly basis to coincide with the collection of Chapter Dues.

Amount of monthly dues collection will correspond directly with the number of members paying dues to the Chapter.

District Dues cannot be collected for members that are not a member of a Chapter.

The District Treasurer (or other designee) will receive a monthly report detailing the amount of the District Dues collected from each Chapter along with a check.

Chapter Dues collection process will remain unchanged except the monthly report to the Chapter will highlight the amount of District Dues collected and remitted to the District.

District Dues cannot be collected from any Chapter that collects its own Chapter Dues.

It is not possible to cap the amount of District Dues collected from any one Chapter or in total from all Chapters.

District Dues rate(s) must be set at the beginning of the year; mid-year changes are not feasible.

For Chapter members that pay on an installment plan, District Dues will be collected and paid to the District in the first installment.

Announcing the North Pacific District 2016 conference exploratory committee

conference theater

During January’s district leadership call we discussed the possibility of putting together a district conference. The last district conference was in 2006, and the consensus is that 2016 (a whole decade later) is the year to reboot our district conference.

We believe the 2016 district conference will help deliver value in networking and professional development that some district members may not otherwise be able to receive and benefit from due to the time and fiscal resources required to attend PRSA’s International Conference.

We’re looking at holding the conference sometime during the summer of 2016 on a date and location that makes sense given other district and national public relations conferences.

Our chair-elect, Pete Codella, APR, is developing a district conference overview and operational guide. A few district leaders on last month’s call have agreed to help spearhead the effort.

If you’re interested in joining Pete and the 2016 district conference committee, please contact us. Any member of PRSA in the North Pacific District is welcome to join us.

We’re also looking for a host chapter and location. So if you have ideas in that regard, please let us know.