#PRSAGameChangers Conference – Seattle April 22, 2018

From politics to technology and everything in between, people and organizations of the West are innovating today for the way we live, work and play tomorrow.

The PRSA North Pacific District Conference comes to Seattle; known for global icons like Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks. Such game-changers transformed their businesses and organizations and in the process, redefined how we think about the world around us—from coffee to online retail and more.

The Emerald City plays host to an exciting lineup of speakers, executives and public figures who will share incredible career lessons learned in the offices of the world’s greatest companies, or even the White House. Forward-facing strategies and emerging trends will take center stage. Learn from experts adept in professional agility who share what skills to focus on today and tomorrow, and how to prepare your career for the unknown in a fast-changing world. These leaders are the game-changers with insight on emerging trends, strategies and ways to blaze the next frontier in your world.



Thank you to our sponsors

We’re able to offer deep discounts on conference registration rates for PRSA members because of the support of our sponsors. Please thank them for their commitment to your professional development by soliciting their business when possible.