The Microsoft and LinkedIn communications teams will share tips on how to realize the full creative potential of a LinkedIn profile and build your professional brand. You’ll also gain insider advice on how to build a strong professional network, publish articles that amplify thought leadership, and leverage LinkedIn tools that professional communicators are using to increase their productivity and success.

At the end of your PRSA #RockYourProfile experience, you’ll leave with a better understanding of:

  • How to build an all-star LinkedIn Profile (and why it matters)
  • How to build a quality (not quantity) network
  • How they can use tools like Search and Company Pages to identify potential career paths and the people/means that can help them get started

How to take advantage of this #PRSAGameChangers experience

The PRSA #RockYourProfile experience is available on a first-come, first-served basis throughout all three days of the conference and can be found in the third floor ballroom foyer. This is a free, value-added experience for all conference attendees. No advanced sign up is required.

How do you build a profile on LinkedIn and why does it matter?

Attract people and possibilities: Your LinkedIn profile is a dynamic, effective way to share who you are + what you can do with professionals that care.

  • Members with a photo get up to:
    • 9x more connection requests
    • 21x more Profile views
    • 36x more messages
  • Members with 5 or more skills are found up to 27x more by recruiters via Search
  • Add work samples: News articles + videos, presentations, photos, videos
  • Over 40 percent of hiring managers view volunteer experience as equivalent to work experience
  • Publish posts that showcase your views, expertise and opinions on current events and hot topics in your desired industry