Are you interested in volunteering for the #PRSAGameChangers conference?

That’s great! We’d love to have you. Current opportunities are outlined below. Contact us if you’d like to get involved.

District Conference Committee

More opportunities will arise as we get closer to the conference date (like day-of volunteers), but for now, these are our priorities to make this a #bestever conference. Don’t see a volunteer opportunity you’d like to see? Pitch us one. If you’re passionate about it, chances are, we will be too.

All District Conference Committee volunteers get a discount off their ticket as a volunteer appreciation gift; discount rate depends on your service. Give a little time? You’ll get a small discount. Give a lot? You’ll get a bigger one.


  • Own our hashtag. Do you live on Twitter? Instagram? Facebook? We need a team of about six rockstars who are willing to serve as social ambassadors for the conference, including posts from the District and your personal accounts. Level of commitment is up to you, but we’re looking for at least three posts a week.
  • Brand journalist, we need you bad. If content is king, then our aim is to build our very own royal family. We’re looking for about 10 writers to create and curate web copy, blog posts, emails, etc. about the conference, our speakers and topics of interest (tech, health, general game-changing awesomeness). Your stuff will appear on the District site, as well as in PRSA’s nationwide properties, such as PRSay and Issues and Trends.


  • Let’s get a few cash sponsors so we can extend discount rates to students. Unlike our competitors, this conference isn’t out to make money. We’re here to educate, inspire and connect people in our region who have a passion for communications and PRSA. But we need good partners to get there. Want to help us find some? Check out our sponsorship information, then contact us, and we’ll play match-maker together.
  • Lend us your Rolodex. Yeah, we went retro on that one. But it’s a test. If you know what a Rolodex is, chances are you know the fish we’re trying to catch. And with the economic climate being what it is, along with conference preparations straddling two fiscal years, we need a few folks who know how to position the value a conference like ours brings to those who’d like to do business with our members. Plus, we’ve made it a pretty easy sell with sponsorship investment levels from $500 to $5,000. Check out our sponsorship information, then contact us when you’ve found a (few) good fits. It’s up to you whether you want to take it across the finish line.
  • Find us a photography partner. We’re social (networking) animals. We have to have great photos to share with attendees when this wraps. If you know of any photographers who would be willing to donate their services, please let us know.

Local Chapter Opportunities

One of the goals of this conference is to help our Chapters fund local professional development programs and services in the 2018 and 2019 fiscal years. So we’re profit-sharing with Chapters on tickets and sponsorship.

  • Activate your social network. Share tweets and Facebook and LinkedIn posts with your network about the conference from both your Chapter and the North Pacific District. When a fellow member of your Chapter signs up for the conference, your Chapter will receive a check from the District for five percent of the ticket price.
  • Share this business development opportunity with your vendors. You’re not a salesperson, but you do work with companies who would like to grow their business. Be a good partner and refer them to this opportunity. Tell them about PRSA and what it means to you. Then simply share a link to our sponsor page or the sponsorship overview one-sheet.
  • Be your Chapter’s conference (co-) ambassador. It’s hard running a Chapter off the side of your desk with an ever-evolving cast of volunteers, a full-time job and a healthy personal life. From now to the end of April, sign up for a short-term volunteer assignment by leading your Chapter’s publicity and promotional efforts for the conference. It’s a great way to test the waters for further Chapter leadership opportunities, and it’s a short commitment. After all, you’ve got a job and home life to nurture, too! To get started, get in touch with your local Chapter, or give us a shout, and we’ll hook you up.