Communication Lessons Learned on the Journey to IPO

In the start-up world, where founders have clear exit strategies from Day 0, communication professionals have an incredible opportunity to lead the development and narration of a company’s story – who they are, what they do and why they matter – to the world.

In this session, Sarah will share lessons she’s learned in her career working with venture-backed companies, specifically:

  • about how communications can not only raise the visibility of a brand and shape a company’s overall image, but
  • also move the needle in other aspects of the business in preparation for an exit, IPO or strategic sale.

Recommended social handles and hashtags:  @PRSA_NPD, #PRSAGameChangers, @sarahtatone, @vacasarentals


Eventbrite - 2018 PRSA North Pacific District Conference


Photo courtesy of Vacasa.

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