The Environment is the Message: Why Green Advocacy is a Game-Changer for PR and Public Interest Communication

Derek Moscato, Assistant Professor, Western Washington University

10:30 am, Tuesday, April 24

Issues such as climate change, energy projects, and wildlife conservation are not only changing the national political landscape; they’re also a catalyst for rethinking public relations practice. Companies such as Patagonia and North Face are integrating environmental activism into their corporate social responsibility approaches, while the outdoors cooperative REI has provided an industry wide rethink of retail consumption. Environmental advocates and activists, drawing from best practices in strategic communication but also a historic legacy of environmental appeals in the United States, are providing public relations practitioners with new insights into successful persuasion, but also public engagement. Hear how recent public relations cases from both companies and non-governmental organizations, as well as Moscato’s recent primary research from high-profile environmental cases (comprised of experiment-based surveys and content analysis) provide understanding for this dramatic shift.

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