PRSA North Pacific District PR Practitioner of the Year

Nominations for PRSA North Pacific District PR Practitioner of the Year

Please consider nominating a colleague or yourself for the inaugural PRSA North Pacific District PR Practitioner of the Year Award.

PRSA North Pacific District Public Relations Practitioner of the Year

This award will be given annually to a PRSA member in the North Pacific District who has worked full-time in public relations for more than five years and demonstrated excellence in his/her public relations knowledge, skills and abilities.

We look forward to honoring those who have excelled professionally and given back to the industry through volunteer contributions to PRSA.

Please click on the link below to submit your nomination. Please note that you need to use a browser other than Internet Explorer and you will also need to include an additional reference letter from another PRSA member to complete your nomination.

[button link=””]Nomination Form[/button]

Entries will be judged by leaders in other PRSA Districts, and the award will be given at the luncheon on the last day of our North Pacific District conference in June in Reno, NV (learn more about the conference here). The winner will receive a physical award and also be featured on the PRSA North Pacific District website. A news release will be distributed, and the winner will be publicized via district and chapter social media networks.

Nomination deadline is May 1, 2016.

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