Professional Agility: How to Keep Up With—Or Stay Ahead Of—Change

Carla Sandine, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, PATH

1:00 PM, Monday, April 23

Due to the pace of change, the field of communications is–at times–unrecognizable from a decade ago. Today, communications and marketing sits at the intersection of technology, revenue, creative, customer, and brand – it is the powerful and exciting confluence of consumer experience and an organization’s identity. And more than ever before, data-savvy chief marketing officers are being elevated to CEO.

The evolution of technology has become the game changer; driving society and consumer behavior changes. How will you keep pace, and stay ahead of that change? How will communicators remain nimble and adapt to changes when the swift speed of transformation is upon us before we even realize we need to prepare? By the end of this session, you’ll learn:
• How to identify potential changes in your organization, and prepare to support your teams,
• How to analyze and modify your tactics to evolve ahead of the needs,
• The most important skills to develop and tools to use to adapt to change.

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