Two-Point Stories: Using Visuals to Connect A & B

Jessica Hagy, Founder, Indexed

10:30 am, Tuesday, April 24

More than 90% of all content shared today is visual. Headlines need pictures. Stories need illustrations. Brands need images. We’ll talk about how to turn messaging texts into sharable visuals and how to turn those visuals into stickier, more memorable brands.  Learn how to transform any complete sentence into a visual social object, create a visual brand through repetition of signature elements, and build a system for quickly generating and deploying visuals for a campaign.

Enjoy Jessica’s daily visual social images, published weekday mornings while the coffee brews, on her Webby award-winning blog Indexed.

Recommended social handles, hashtags: @jessicahagy, @PRSA_NPD, #PRSAGameChangers


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